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Where you sit determines what you see. What does the view look like from your seat? Is your workers’ compensation managed care program surviving or thriving? Do you find yourself asking, “What more can I do?”

What might your program look like with partners whose goals are transparency, flexibility, customization, and absolute excellence? Let us show you how we are challenging the status quo in workers' compensation. We entered the industry to transform managed care - won’t you join us?

We are a leading national managed care company specializing in workers' compensation and setting the gold standard for medical case management, utilization review, medical bill review, network management, and leading-edge medical cost containment solutions. We provide the best people, processes, and technology to facilitate expedient, quality and cost-efficient medical treatments for workers' compensation claims.

Engage in an immersive, guest-centric experience like no other. Explore the interactive features of our virtual campus that connect you in real time to our team and to your colleagues who share the virtual space with you. Learn from our premium educational content, including thought leadership sessions and CEUs. Attend sessions about trending topics like COVID-19 updates, medical cannabis, emerging medical cost containment strategies, and other risk management solutions.

We invite you to experience the next level of virtual conferencing with us March 28th through April 1st. Our panoramic virtual campus allows you to filter out the noise, travel, and expense of a live trade show while still dialing into the topics and industry experts that are relevant to you. And all from the comfort of your (home) office. We hope you'll join us to discover what lies ahead when you change your VUE with EK Health!

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March 28 - APRIL 1, 2022

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VUE Session Descriptions
COVID-19: What’s Next For Us All?
Doug Benner, M.D., M.S., F.A.C.O.E.M. | Chief Medical Officer | EK Health Services Inc.
As the vaccine debate rages, mutations of the original Covid-19 virus have continued emerging with rising frequency and variance. Employers have unanswered questions on vaccine mandates, quarantine protocols and risk mitigation. Join our Chief Medical Officer in exploring the most recent conditions created by the pandemic to help inform your organizational strategies and support those impacted in your world.
Update on Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics
Doug Benner, M.D., M.S., F.A.C.O.E.M. | Chief Medical Officer | EK Health Services Inc.
The workers' comp industry seems ready to embrace the medical benefits of an ancient plant that has been used for centuries to address a host of conditions that are so prevalent today – pain, anxiety, inflammation, and more. What do you need to know about medical cannabis to be ready for the "green wave" influencing the workers’ comp space? Our Chief Medical Officer has earned an entire graduate degree dedicated to this robust topic and is ready to answer those important questions.
Disruption in Workers' Comp: Is it Time? Let's Talk!
Ron Carter | President and Chief Executive Officer | RxBridge, LLC
Brian Chance | Senior Vice President Claims & Risk Management | Stephens Insurance, LLC
Jennifer Ryon | Former Chief Operations Officer | Prime Health Services
Zebrah L. Jahnke | Vice President, Business Development | EK Health Services Inc.
Kerri Wilson, CPCU | President and Chief Operations Officer | EK Health Services Inc.
Is understanding your WC program as complicated as your Starbucks order? Has today’s industry over-complicated an already complicated process? In a season of accelerated change, is it the right time for disruption in workers' comp? Join our panel of industry experts as we discuss disruption needs in managed care and workers' comp. Let’s talk!
Navigating CMS Submissions: Best Practices from a Self-Insured’s Perspective
Beth Hostetler | Director of Medicare Services, Corporate Risk Management  | Albertsons Companies, Inc.
Jake Reason | Vice President, Medicare Set-Aside Services | EK Health Services Inc.
As if the workflows and guidance surrounding Medicare Set-Asides weren’t complex enough, recent CMS changes have brought a new level of challenge. Join us as EK Health’s MSA expert sits down with an employer to unpack the changes and their impact on the MSA process. We’ll provide insight to help you safely navigate CMS submissions from a self-insured’s perspective.
Building Your Own Board of Directors
Danielle Lisenbey | Co-Chief Executive Officer | MedRisk
Zebrah L. Jahnke | Vice President, Business Development | EK Health Services Inc.
What would your career look like if you had your own personal Board of Directors? There’s a reason that formal organizations have a Board – to help make informed decisions from multiple perspectives – enriching the level of understanding for optimized gains. Tune into this insightful interview with an industry colleague who has honed this important concept to learn why you should build your Board of Directors.
Supercharged Managed Care
Daniel Romo | Senior Vice President, Risk Consulting | Fairly Group
Traditional managed care leaves much to be desired. Daniel Romo will share how you can improve your performance and results by supercharging your managed care solutions. You’ll learn how to enhance your program by implementing the right partners, tools, synergies and workflows to optimize every facet of  your workers’ compensation program.

The Secrets to Influencing with Executive Presence - No Matter Who’s In the Room
Angela Nuttle Chief Executive Officer | Corporate Talent Institute
The topic of executive presence is controversial. Why? Because it defies what we believe in terms of how career success should occur and how performance should be rewarded. Research shows us surprising perspectives from CEOs, business leaders, and executive coaches: It’s not how hard you perform, and definitely not how much work you do that cultivates executive presence, it’s when you tap into the power of who you are at the core, your values, and you operate from that place, that is when you start tapping into influence, and people notice it. People base your level of influence upon them on a few key factors, including how you make them feel.

Pulling Back the Curtain on EK
Eunhee Kim, RN, MSN | Founder and Chief Executive Officer | EK Health Services Inc.
Kerri Wilson, CPCU | President and Chief Operations Officer | EK Health Services Inc.
Zebrah L. Jahnke | Vice President, Business Development | EK Health Services Inc.
Meet the heart behind the purpose, in this sit-down with Eunhee Kim, Founder and CEO of EK Health. Hear how she balances her executive workload with a clinical caseload as a Field/Catastrophic Nurse Case Manager. In this personal interview, Eunhee shares where it all started, with her passion to help others and her strategic approach to solving managed care challenges.

CEU Classes
How to Score With a QME
Monday, March 28, 2022 10:00AM-11:15AM PDT
Dr. Glenn Crafts, D.C., Q.M.E. | AVP, Utilization Review & Quality Assurance | EK Health Services Inc.
Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:
1. Explain the basic background and history of QMEs
2. Describe when a QME is really necessary
3. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of when a disability is due to co-morbidities and not the actual injury
4. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the Case law application for the QME
5. Identify how the QME applies MTUS in active care and Future Medical recommendations
6. Recognize the impact of causation explanation using medical probability taking into consideration mechanism of injury and complete medical history
7. Recognize the integration of causation with applicable apportionment when determining whole person impairment (WPI) ratings for a QME
8. Explain the role that utilization review plays in the Med-Legal setting
9. Explain how treating physician documentation/differential diagnoses (ICD-10) impact the Med-Legal setting
10. Identify the difference between Medical and Legal Apportionment
11. Explain the significance of Medical Probability and Substantial Evidence
12. Recognize how the QME integrates causation with applicable apportionment when determining whole person impairment (WPI) ratings
13. Identify how treating physicians documentation/differential diagnoses (ICD-10) impact the Med-Legal setting
14. Recognize the difference between Medical & Legal Apportionment
15. Recognize the significance of Medical Probability and Substantial Evidence
Utilization Management in Workers’ Compensation
Tuesday, March 29, 2022 10:00AM-11:15AM PDT
Dr. Glenn Crafts, D.C., Q.M.E. | AVP, Utilization Review & Quality Assurance | EK Health Services Inc.
Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:
1. Identify what types of treatments are considered exempt
2. Identify and define the types of reviews and reviewers
3. Describe the UR regulations per the applicable state
4. Discuss the required process, approved guidelines, and qualifications of personnel
5. Describe the process from initial request to final determination
6. Identify the timeframes and their importance
7. Describe the dispute resolution and appeals process
8. Demonstrate a basic understanding of any penalties
9. Identify cases that should be referred to UR
10. Discuss the goals and cost effectiveness of the UR process
Pain Management in Workers’ Compensation
Wednesday, March 30, 2022 10:00AM-12:15PM PDT
Douglas Benner, M.D., M.S., F.A.C.O.E.M. | Chief Medical Officer | EK Health Services Inc.
Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:
1. Discuss the physiology of pain and how pain is perceived
2. Identify the classifications/ types of pain and tools or measurements used
3. Discuss the statistics and costs due to work related injuries and pain management
4. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the common treatments used in managing pain
5. Demonstrate an understanding of the psychological and psychosocial factors in
managing pain
6. Describe the role of the case manager
7. Describe the utilization review process
8. Describe why URAC accreditation is important
9. Identify the common guidelines used in workers’ compensation
10. Discuss the goals for pain management
Pharmaceuticals in Workers’ Compensation
Thursday, March 31, 2022 10:00AM-12:15PM PDT
Aimee Boggs, RN, MSHI, CCM, CPHIMS | Director of Specialty Programs | EK Health Services Inc. 
Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:
1.Explain the basic background and history of pharmaceuticals
2.Describe the Chemical vs. Natural manufacturing of drugs
3.Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the FDA’s role
4.Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the types of pain medications commonly used in workers’ compensation
5.Identify the common side effects of pain medications
6.Identify some of the common signs and symptoms of dependence, abuse, and / or addiction
7.Identify the common guidelines and resources used in workers’ compensation for pharmaceuticals
8.Recognize the financial impact of brand name vs. generic equivalents and / or use of a PBM
9.Recognize the roles of the Claims Examiner, Case Managers, Utilization Review Process, and Pharmacy Benefit Management programs
10.Discuss the goals for use of pharmaceuticals and pain management in workers’ compensation injuries
Doug Benner, M.D., M.S., F.A.C.O.E.M.

Chief Medical Officer | EK Health Services Inc.
Doug Benner MD, MS serves as the Chief Medical Officer of EK Health Services, Inc., where he plays a vital role in the operations and oversight of EK Health’s medical service practices. Dr. Benner holds unrestricted medical licenses in California and Indiana and has Lifetime Board Certification in Occupational Medicine. Dr. Benner is a diplomate of the American Board of Preventative Medicine in Occupational Medicine and was certified as an Independent Medical Examiner and Medical Review Officer. He is currently enrolled in a Masters of Science Program at the University of Maryland Graduate School of Pharmacy.
Dr. Benner has spent over 35 years working with workers’ compensation insurers, self-insured employers and public agencies, including creating 31 Occupational Health clinics and the Employee Health Services program for the Northern California Region. Dr. Benner spent 29 years as Program Leader of Occupational Medicine Services and Employee Health in the largest private multi-specialty medical group in the world. Dr. Benner brings a wealth of experience and clinical expertise to EK Health Services and to the workers’ compensation industry.
Eunhee Kim

Founder and CEO | EK Health Services Inc.
As the founder and CEO of EK Health Services, Eunhee Kim sets the tone for the company’s integrity, entrepreneurial innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence. In addition to over 20 years of workers’ compensation experience as a nurse case manager, Eunhee Kim has worked directly within the healthcare field for over 35 years. Her experience includes acute hospital nursing, home health nursing, and case management services for catastrophic, orthopedic, spinal, traumatic brain injury, and psychiatric injuries, as well as chronic pain, cardiac diseases, diabetes mellitus and stress-related disorders.

Additionally, Eunhee has almost 20 years of experience in building managed care software, developing case management, utilization review, and bill management systems, supervising, teaching and training in multicultural nursing and cultural competencies. To this day, Eunhee carries an active caseload to keep her workers' compensation case management experience current. Her day-to-day involvement provides her first-hand knowledge of the best industry practices and standards. It also affords her uniquely beneficial insight as she actively engages as the executive head of both EK Health Services and DataCare Corporation.
Ron Carter

President and CEO | RxBridge
As a career technologist, Ron Carter designed and built his first software at the age of 15 and knew what he wanted to do for life. Starting as a developer, then working in quality assurance, and later designing databases and becoming an architect, Carter enjoyed learning from the many roles and their particular perspectives on system design and construction. It was only natural for Carter to take on CIO roles across the financial and commercial healthcare industries, ultimately making his way to the workers’ compensation industry.  
The innovation and transformation culture and competencies taught to Ron over an entire career were fully required when he founded RxBridge. Focused on innovation and transformation, while centered around customization and the Injured Worker Experience, Carter can still be found at the whiteboard ideating with customers – designing and building technology to solve some of the pain of today’s workers’ compensation industry.
Brian Chance

Senior Vice President Claims & Risk Management | Stephens Insurance, LLC
Brian is a highly specialized insurance broker in the workers’ compensation space with over 30 years of experience. He earned his MBA from Drexel University and Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and holds both the CPCU and AIC designations.  Brian is currently serving as President for the National Retain and Restaurant Defense Association.
Brian currently assists self-funded employers reduce the overall cost of their workers’ compensation claims. He focuses on reducing the cost of delivering benefits to injured employees while at the same time improving the benefits they receive after suffering a work-related injury. Strategies are evidence-based with metrics and benchmarks developed over many years. In previous roles, Brian was responsible for establishing claim handling procedures and guidelines, settlement authority, auditing claim files, advising adjusters and defense counsel on strategy, selecting defense counsel and other vendors, deciding which strategy to employ, recommending investigations, and selecting service providers, including TPAs, investigators and medical case management and repricing companies.
Glenn Crafts, D.C., Q.M.E.

AVP, Utilization Review & Quality Assurance | EK Health Services Inc.
With 19+ years of experience in workers’ compensation and 19+ years of experience as a clinician in private practice, Dr. Crafts brings tenured knowledge in workers’ compensation as a primary treating physician. His 17 years of experience as Qualified Medical Evaluator provides vast knowledge and expertise from a med-legal standpoint in workers’ compensation. As an assistant professor for 7 years, and in addition to lecturing on clinical courses, he also taught on the practice of workers’ compensation.

He was a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for physicians taking the Qualified Medical Evaluator state exam; he was one of two chiropractors chosen to sit with 18 other MDs to determine pass/fail rates for applicants.  He continues to teach board approved continuing education courses over the past 6 years.
Jennifer Ryon

Former COO of Prime Health Services
Jennifer Ryon has over sixteen years of experience in client success strategy, revenue growth, account management, and driving customer value in the medical cost containment field. Currently an independent consultant, in her most recent industry role, she was ultimately responsible for securing the functionality of the company to drive sustainable growth, including revenue growth, driving customer value and national revenue, and customer success strategies.

Focused on all operations, she directed innovative delivery solutions, efficiencies, marketing integration, and customer service to address customer requirements and drive business growth. As part of her oversight of daily operations, she designed, implemented, and evaluated business strategies, performance goals, plans, and procedures, leading employees to maximum performance while promoting a healthy culture. She was responsible for building employee alignment with company goals and meeting key organizational targets.

Committed to the industry and women’s growth, she has been a passionate Board Member for the Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation since January 2019. Currently Jennifer holds the Vice President position within the board.
Zebrah L. Jahnke

Vice President of Business Development | EK Health Services Inc.
Zebrah Jahnke brings over 15 years’ experience managing large scale managed care programs for employers, carriers, public entities and all related parties. She also has 25 years of experience in sales, public relations and account management, including maintaining high-profile clientele, providing detailed customer service and fostering an exceptionally high client retention rate. As the VP of Business Development for EK Health, Zebrah maintains global responsibilities over the Sales, Marketing, and Account Management division and leads teams with responsibility over all client programs both pre-and post-contract for all of EK Health.

Key to her role in executive leadership within EK Health, Zebrah is responsible for creating strategic business partnerships and driving new revenue sources for the organization.
Daniel Romo

Senior Vice President, Risk Consulting | Fairly Group
Daniel Romo serves as Senior Vice President, Risk Consulting for Fairly Group. He has 32 years of experience in risk management, claims management, and loss control, including 17 years with Fairly Group, where he advises clients in all facets of risk management. Prior to joining Fairly Group, he was the Corporate Loss Control & Risk Manager for a national distribution firm, where he honed skills in out-performing industry cost-of-risk standards.

As a veteran in the entertainment/sports arena, Romo’s areas of expertise include occupational injuries, sports injuries, construction, stadiums/arenas, transportation, property, environmental, safety training, and OSHA compliance. He brings a fresh perspective and thorough understanding of effective risk and claims management strategies. Experienced in working with self-insureds, insurance carriers, TPAs, and managed care vendors to mitigate losses, Romo has achieved a high level of success in developing effective risk control programs from all sides.

His collegiate degrees and formal education include Risk Management & Insurance, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Health, Hazardous Materials Technology, and Paramedicine. His leadership, knowledge, and background serve as an integral component to the Fairly Group team and their clients.
Kerri Wilson, CPCU
President and Chief Operating Officer | EK Health Services Inc.

Kerri Wilson serves as the President and Chief Operating Officer of EK Health Services, Inc. As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, Kerri leads business strategy and planning, provides market insights to support EK Health's operational and strategic initiatives, and informs the CEO agenda. Kerri has over 25 years of experience in the workers’ compensation insurance and managed care industries. Prior to EK Health, Kerri worked in various claims operational and leadership roles for a national workers’ compensation insurer.

Since joining EK Health in 2011, Kerri has been integral in supporting business operational leadership, optimizing outcomes and efficiencies, implementing new products and leading strategic initiatives.

Kerri is a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) and earned a Master of Business Administration, Business Management from St. Edward’s University and a Bachelor of Arts, Sociology and Spanish from the University of Southern California.
Danielle Lisenbey

CO-CEO | MedRisk, LLC
Danielle Lisenbey recently joined the MedRisk executive leadership team as President to develop long-term strategic plans to further MedRisk’s growth and increment margin accretion. As President, she will drive strategic initiatives for enhanced customer, patient, provider, and employee experiences. Prior to joining MedRisk, Lisenbey was the first female member of the Crawford & Company global executive team, who worked to increase Crawford’s global third party administration footprint, deliver continuous operational improvement, and develop long-term strategic plans to expand business development and collaborations with clients. Danielle was the Global President of Crawford’s Global TPA division, Broadspire, a leading third party administrator in the insurance industry. Previously, Lisenbey served as the president and chief executive officer of the company’s US division.
From her engineering background, Lisenbey learned the benefits of combining a “process way of thinking” with interpersonal strengths to achieve superior results. During early career choices, she partnered architectural design, structural engineering and employee dynamics with sales, marketing, and budgetary concerns that ensured quality outcomes for her clients. Lisenbey’s broad qualifications, collective skills and the robust knowledge attained from more than 27 years of industry experience has equipped her to overcome each progressive challenge she encounters.
Lisenbey, is also involved with community and industry organizations as she is an executive board member for the insurance industry Alliance of Women in Worker’s Compensation, the Atlanta Metro Chamber of Commerce and retired board member for the Atlanta non-profit Moving in the Spirit.
In the past she was recognized as a 2019 CEO Connection – Most Influential Women in Mid-Markets, Woman Who Means Business through the 2018 Atlanta Business Chronicle as well as Top 100 Executives in Insurance by the Insurances Business of America. She has various awards throughout her career demonstrating her commitment to providing leadership and influence both within the industry and her community.
Lisenbey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering and technology from Western Illinois University.
Jake Reason

Vice President, Medicare Set-Aside Services | EK Health Services Inc.
Jake Reason, Vice President, Medicare Set-Aside Services, EK Health, has over 20 years of experience working in the workers’ compensation industry with 17 of those years spent directly in the Medicare Set-Aside arena.  He has worked on more than 100,000+ set-side allocations and has worked successfully with many national insurers, self-insured employers, and third-party administrators.
His prior experience in the workers’ compensation industry includes time spent working as a Senior Claims Examiner, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and a Litigation Case Manager for a plaintiff’s law firm.  Additionally, during the course of his time working in the MSA industry, Jake has had exposure to numerous catastrophic claims.  These claims include traumatic brain injuries, quadriplegic and paraplegic injuries, amputations, crush and de-gloving injuries and burn cases.  In assessing these cases, Jake has developed relationships with a number of clinical specialists and has the relevant resources required to produce accurate and coherent future medical allocations on all complex case scenarios.
A graduate of Pepperdine’s Graziadio School of Business & Management, Mr. Reason holds NASD Series 6, 7, and 63 securities licenses from the National Association of Securities Dealers and a State of California Life and Health Insurance Agent license. He is an industry recognized speaker on MSA issues and regularly participates in educational sessions and seminars.
Angela Nuttle 

CEO | Corporate Talent Institute
Angela's 25 years of expertise is in human resources, social work, and organizational development coaching as an executive business leader, author and speaker. She is an advocate and champion for women, and also for the practice of Conscious Capitalism in today’s business world. Angela spent 3 years in Iraq as an HR defense contractor supporting the US military and contractors from all over the world. She was one of 16 women on base facing harsh war zone conditions and difficult challenges as a woman in particular. Her story is one of courage, authentic leadership, emotional composure, and resilience.

Angela is CEO the Corporate Talent Institute and founder of The School of Executive Presence™. The school focuses on life changing experiences for aspiring leaders, and executives, through public events, workshops, mastermind and virtual coaching programs, and private engagements. Angela is also founder of the VIP Center for Business Women, Indianapolis's first all-women co-working, meeting, and event space. She and her team provide personal and professional development coaching for corporate and entrepreneurial women.

As an award-winning author, Angela coaches business people to remodel their talent and build executive presence.

Angela's books:
From Invisible to Incredible
The School of Executive Presence Prompt Journal
Compose Your Soul: How to Turn Your Daily Chaos Into Calm
Aimee Boggs, RN, MSHI, CCM, CPHIMS

Director of Specialty Programs | EK Health Services Inc.
Aimee Boggs has over 25 years of experience in the nursing and workers’ compensation managed care industry. Prior to EK Health, Aimee worked in various case management leadership roles including Manager of Case Management Continuum, Manager of Nursing/Managed Care, and Senior Managed Care Specialist.

Before progressing to these leadership roles, she developed a solid foundation for nursing and clinical case management as a Clinical Nurse and Case Manager. Aimee is a Registered Nurse (RN) and has earned a Masters of Science, Health Informatics from the University of South Florida, and a Bachelor of Science, Nursing from the same institution. She also earned an Associate Degree in Nursing from South Georgia College.
Beth Hostetler, RN, BSN

Director of Medicare Services, Corporate Risk Management |Albertsons Companies Inc.
Beth Hostetler, RN, BSN, is a nurse with over thirty years’ experience in the field of disability management and cost containment services in workers’ compensation. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University. She has been a certified Life Care Planner and has been Certified Medicare Set- Aside Allocator, and Certified Medicare Secondary Payer Professional. Her experience includes nearly fifteen years as Branch Manager in the Healthcare Division of Crawford & Company as well as several years as owner of her own company which provided case management, life care planning and Medicare set-aside services.

Presently, she is the Director of Medicare Services & Medical Provider Programs in the Corporate Risk Management Department of Albertson’s Companies which is one of the largest food and drug retailers in North America. She has developed Albertson’s internal MSP Compliance program for Workers Compensation which includes policy and procedure for MMSEA Section 111 reporting, conditional payment identification and resolution and the MSA program. She routinely provides internal training on Medicare Secondary Payer compliance and all aspects of the MSA process. Additionally, she oversees various medical programs and the associated vendor relationships. These include provider networks, nurse triage, bill review, physical therapy, diagnostics and durable medical equipment.
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